AIPC Pandora

AIPC Pandora is a non-profit non-governmental organization involved in non-formal education programs, promoting global learning experiences. We are currently active and present in around 49 countries all over the world. We are a member of the Experiment in International Living Federation (FEIL) in Spain since 2005. 

AIPC Pandora is a community of more than 4,600 people who have had a transforming international experience in local communities in one of the 49 countries where we are represented.

Since 2002, our work has focused on the facilitation of international itineraries in social, educational, intercultural, job immersion and development projects. We work on projects that include the full cycle of social participation based on the development of international volunteer experiences. The complete cycle of participation includes a before, during and after of international mobility experiences. Our activities are structured according to the needs of each stage of the cycle, which are known as:


How AIPC Pandora works. International Networks and Partnerships.

The strong international vocation of AIPC Pandora has been the goal of our work and the direction of our growth. We place paramount value on cultural exchange, networking between different actors in the world and the exchange of solidarity generated by this methodology manages and optimizes the results for the benefit of all participants.Our international activities are constructed through formal and informal connections.

On one side we are part of a platform of international networks such as the Federation of Experiment in International Living of which we are the Spanish member since 2005. The network is composted by 36 associated organizations whose members are experts in international and intercultural solidarity programs and consultant members of the United Nations.

We are members of the Governing body of the Spanish network of the Anna Lindth Fundation the only consultant to the network of Euro-Mediterranean governments formed by civil society organizations  that work for  integration  at all levels in the region and of CIVICUS, World Aliance for Citizen Participation, an influential  network of local and international organizations that work to expand the capacity of civil society at a global level and include among their members all the organizations with a social purpose.

In Spain, in accord with our work, we form part of platforms with which we can interchange knowledge and experience such as the Spanish Platform of Volunteers and the Spanish Association of Fundraising

At the same time we seek to develop, explore and establish bilateral agreements with local organizations around the world with whom we work on voluntary programs, international formations and cooperation