How to Associate?

How to join Pandora team?

Thanks to you and the contributions of our partners, we have have been able to accomplish our mission of promoting the participation of global citizenship, offering transformative international experiences in over 49 countries, working at the same level with local communities and promoting social change. For 12 years we have provided opportunities for over 4,000 people and have achieved transformation at all levels. From the staff to the the local realities to the experiences that lead to change on a global scale.

In addition, as you know, we got to accompany the proposed project continuity and to support the development of local communities. We have launched initiatives such as construction and commissioning of a primary school and secondary education in the community of Kalassa, Mali, with 240 children enrolled. We also support the establishment of a women's cooperative in Kalassa whose activities support the school and are gradually generating a small local economy. Since 2010, we have also provided ongoing support to the Albino Refugee Community in Kabanga school, Tanzania, where we have built ophthalmologist infrastructures. We have donated medical supplies and launched a productive economic project with women, among other actions that are still on the works.

Thanks to your support, we maintain international mobility programs and conduct ongoing work of prospecting, location and diagnosis of new projects, so we travel all over the world  in order to experience the reality from first hand and, if possible, to evaluate our focus and our mission to contribute to the improvement of local needs.

What advantages can you expect if you join?

1.  Your fee will be reflected on the activity of AIPC Pandora in both:  headquarters and field projects.
2.  We will inform you about where your donations are going.
3.  You will have priority in the distribution of places as well as discounts for all of our international mobility programs, entrepreneurship training and support.
4.  You will have discounts in our training courses.
5.  You will have discount depending on whether or not you are an individual or part of an organization.

Thank you very much for your attention!

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