EVS: If you are thinking about doing a voluntary service in Europe: DO IT! It truly is a unique opportunity

When I arrived back home in Germany, my parents said immediately "you look kind of Spanish" ... but I had already begun to realize during my last weeks in Madrid, just HOW much this experience has changed me.

30 American students from different states have arrived to Spain to participate in non-formal and experiential programs

In these days about 30 American students from different cities and states have arrived to Spain. These young people, who come to our country through our International Summer Program (Group Programs) and thanks to the partnership with “World Learning”, will participate in non-formal and experiential programs in the following areas:

Interested on intercultural dialogue in the Euromed region? You won't reject this Anna Lindh Found's opportunity

Anna Lindh Foundation offer this two opportunities for Euromed countries students who are enrolled in a Bachelor or Master degree in social sciences and humanities to attend this summer prommes:


Seminar on Intercultural and Global Citizenship Education will take place in Hamburg from June 4th to 7th

Our communications manager, Neus Gozalbo, is flying to Hamburg to take part in the Seminar on Intercultural and Global Citizenship Education. This seminar is hold by Experiment E.V., YFU, CISV and EFIL in Hamburg from June, 4th to 7th.

Alejandra Espatolero in her EVS in The United Kingdom:"I recommend the wonderful experience of being EVS volunteer to everyone"

We would like to share with you an interview to our EVS volunteer Alejandra Espatolero. She is doing her European Voluntary Service in Pestalozzi Organization in UK where she is teaching Spanish and organizing activities in order to get ready for conferences like “The International Model United Nations” and “The Hastings Winter Festival multicultural performance night.”

Hajar at the entrepreneurship course:"The seminar helped me to figure out in what kind of things I'd like to participate in"

Hajar Elyâaquobi, from Thaqafat Association in Morocco, member of Federation EIL with AIPC Pandora, is one of the participants in the Advance Course in Entrepreneurship Skills. We had the chance to talked to her during the seminar.

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The best Entrepreneurship Skills Seminar' conclusion is all the positive feedback from the participants

From 5th-9th of May we held a memorable workshop in Madrid around Social Innovation. The event hosted 26 participants from 6 different countries: Egypt, Morocco, Germany, Italy, Turkey and Spain. 

The main goal of the workshop was to enable participants to set up a purposeful project which empowers, engages and connects all stakeholders (starting with ourselves).

Paul Garay Londa tells us about his Civil Engineering Internship in Singapore

Paul Garay Londa from Bilbao tells us how his Civil Engineering Internship experience in Singapore is going. Paul studied Civil Engineering in Madrid and he had the chance to do an Internship at Sinohydro Engineering, a National Civil Engineering Company in Singapore. During his internship he has been working in the area of constructions, doing tenders for subway stations and learning a lot about how Singapore construction methodology works.

Laura Matamala: "5 dynamic days that bring us closer to our future enterpreneurship projects"

Interconnection, Uniqueness and Proposal. This was the beginning of a trip in which twenty-five people of a wide range of countries such as Morocco, Turkey, Italy, Germany, Egypt and Spain have discovered a new way of dreaming up the world. During these five days we have been interacting between ourselves and creating links among us through fun and energetic dynamics that have helped us to rich a scene in which our dreams and passions have become reality as future projects.

What would you like your entrepreneurship dream to be? The advanced course in social entrepreneurship key skills starts off

The second edition of “Getting ready for Europe 2020: Advanced course in social entrepreneurship key skills” that AIPC Pandora organizes has started today.

That is why 22 young adults coming from Germany, Italy, Morocco, Turkey and Egypt arrived to Madrid yesterday. They will be working with 8 Spanish young people on youth social entrepreneurship, learning and sharing methodologies from both sides of the Mediterranean framed into a Euromed Program

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