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Cofounder, Vice President and Director at AIPC Pandora Program Director


AIPC Pandora founding partner and CEO (last 10 years); responsible for programs design, general coordination, responsible for personnel, budget management and international representation and development of the entity. Sociologist (UCM), DEA European Development Policy. I began my teaching career in social and political ciencies at the London Metropolitan University. Later I gained experience in social consulting in PgP Consultants and Red2Red Consultants where I managed European funds, both project management and funds management. I also coordinated Technical Assistance for FEDER Founds and Interreg in MINHAP at the same time I finished my master before the PgD in Development Policies in the European Union.


Passionate about international mobility and its transformative effect on people. Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising. After a long career as an executive for communication industry in Spain and Latin America, I turned my professional activity to the social sector, seeking a greater coherence between my values and my professional activity. In my previous life I was Director of Communication and Fundraising Médicos del Mundo Spain and member of the Board of the Spanish Association of Fundraising.

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  Founder and Honorary President and European Voluntary Service Manager   Fundraising and Grants Program


Degree in Oriental Languages at the University of the Sorbonne and a Masters in Education at Harvard University; President of AIPC Pandora until October 2014 and CEO until 2013. She has worked on international projects for informal education since 1993. She was leading companies and she actively participated in the transition of Spain to democracy through the Center for Research and Technical Policy (CITEP).


Bachelor´s Degree in Business Administration by Autónoma University, Bachelor’s Degree in B.A. (Specialty Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations) by Staffordshire University. After a career of more than 10 years in local and national communication media I reached Atresmedia Group. There I developed myself as a professional for the past 9 years. I turned my professional path to my vocational issue which is to work for improving this troubled world. AIPC Pandora gives me the opportunity for bringing all my enthusiasm, commitment and experience through a wonderful program, pioneer in Spain, around the basis for the future of humanity: education. 

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Program Officer; Microprojects  Icaming Proyects Manager 


Bacherlor’s Degree in Market Research and Master’s Degree in Human Resources by Alcalá de Henares University. I joined AIPC Pandora after four years working as career consultant moving people from one job to another. Currently, I continue moving people, this time from one country to another through microprojects of cooperation. Thus, I can reach my favorite issues such as international mobility, intercultural education and social change.


I graduated in Financial Audit and after several years working at financial area on telecommunications industry I decided to redirect my career path to social sector. I worked for the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for Development (AECID) where I obtained a grant that allowed me to study my Master's Degree. After a year and a half working with AIPC Pandora as Technical International Cooperation I am now responsible for Incoming Programs, which allows me to contribute to social transformation through the intercultural experience.

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Finance Manager Communication Support 


Once I finished my studies, I began my career on banking industry. After several years working in this industry I changed my career path towards university education ahead of Treasury Department in the city of Barcelona (ESI). In order to grow professionally I started to manage the Accounting Department for GROUP CARTHAGE, Civil Engineering industry. After more than four years in this company, I turned my way to find an organization like PANDORA, where I seek more personal and human values. So today I can say that AIPC Pandora I found my place within!


We have help from SocialCo, a study of digital communication specialist in the social field.

They collaborated with us in everything that is related to marketing, communication, websites, networks, production of parts and content.

Always in a professional manner and with great care.


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Digital Communication  AIPC Pandora Euskadi Office

She has a degree in International Development Cooperation and a Master's degree in International Project Management.

I have been working in several NGOs in the International Cooperation and Mobility Departments, also coordinating field projects in India, Marueccos and Kenya.

Now I collaborate with AIPC Pandora occupying the Digital Marketing after having worked in the same department in Google and owning a web marketing agency.

I met AIPC Pandora in 2008 when I asked to be able to execute the Leonardo Project in the International Mobility Department and since then I continue to contribute my little support.

 She is a professional marketer and has extensive experience working with the best technology multinational companies, combining  this with her other passion: education and international mobility of people for the development of a consciousness of a fairer, more peaceful world.


I have developed different roles within the organization: I have been volunteering in different countries, have been a team coordinator, have participated in international program development and have been a board member for many years.  Now, I'm following a new path which is the opening of a new office in Euskadi in order to let people in this country to know better all programs and coordinate a local network that allows us to support the development of a more conscious population with the progress and respect of cultures in Donostia.

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Individual Inbound Program  

Bachelor’s Degree in History of Art by the Complutense University of Madrid, I directed my professional career in audiovisual media and in the field of documentation.

While travelling I discovered that there are a thousand ways to move around the world, but there is one that is the best I think. Namely the one that allows you to take something from that place with you and that leaves your personal imprint in the same way.

If we add to this the interest in non-formal and transversal education, the conviction that Education is one of the most basic pillars of any society and the desire that intercultural knowledge is indeed an engine of the world, to be part of AIPC Pandora seems to me a magnificent opportunity to unite all my knowledge and restlessness.