Training in Global Challenges

This seminar offers you the chance to enter into the global challenges from its local manifestation, analyzing their situation, actors and forecasts from a broad and informed perspective, complementing the knowledge in real participatory meetings initiatives and acquiring the necessary methodologies to add value to any of the glocal transformation phases in which we are immersed.

During the first quarter of 2014 we will offer two seminars with duration of 12 hours, which will take place on Friday afternoons (16-20hrs) and Saturday (10-14h., 16-20h.) In these seminars are combined practical and theoretical exploration on projects of entrepreneurship and local innovation in Madrid, which respond to the proposed methodologies.

New Participation Formulas: from politics to citizen activism. Elena Biurrún (Torrelodones Mayor) and Andrés Walliser (Urban Sociologist)

There is a global awakening in which civil society has decided to involve deeply in achieving a model change of citizens, social organizations, new political and economic proposals. Viable alternatives in many cases are working seriously to solve big problems from a different perspective based on equal relationships, same level of collaboration, learning and construction.

According to training area we know “Neighbors for Torrelodones initiatives”, municipal management model based on transparency and citizen participation. In the non formal education area we explore proposals for citizen activism with great capacity to generate sustainable changes in urban environments. 

Local entrepreneurship and local enterprise networks. Elena Acin

We have all experienced great revolution that has brought Internet or the creation capability that emerges when people connect and organize around a common purpose. What happens when all computers are connected and its capacity is processed to serve to any project? Appears Skype and telecom sector is revolutionizing. What happens when people are invited to share their knowledge and structure to create an encyclopedia? Wikipedia appears and the way to distribute knowledge revolutionizes. What happens when people are invited to share their story through a platform that facilitates connections? Airbnb appears and the world of hospitality also revolutionizes. DNA of these three examples is the same: common purpose, interconnection and push on unique capabilities.

These initiatives, which have appeared only a decade ago are helping us to become more aware of the created capacity when people are united by a common cause.

This awareness is something unique and differential of our generation.

Nowadays if you want to innovate a challenge you need to cultivate and master the ability to interconnect and enable unique capabilities around a common purpose.


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