Innovation and Entrepreneurship Seminar

Throughout the year, we organize seminars and training courses in Spain or other countries in collaboration with partner organizations. We work with the European Erasmus + program in order to organize all kinds of training offers for youth and adults with Europeans, partners and the rest of the world

Currently we have scheduled the following: 

Preparing for 2020: "Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship Course, key skills for the local transformation"

II Edition: In the beginning of 2020, in Europe we are experiencing a time of exciting transition, which is emerging, especially from the very young people, called digital natives and in contexts of cultural diversity. In the beginning of 2020 we are going to live in new society and in the same one will be created economy around ideas such as sustainable growth, local communities, do it yourself, do it with others, collaborative consumption, crowdfounding or crowdsourcing. Europe has to lead this new economy that is emerging as suggested by various initiatives of the European Commission for the promotion of entrepreneurship and the social economy.

In this context, in May 2013 in Madrid was held the first workshop in action 3.1., based on innovation and entrepreneurship with young people from Germany, Italy, Spain, Egypt and Morocco. The seminar was well received by participants and trainers and there are already measurable results with several entrepreneurial experiences running.

A participatory and multicultural program was presented in Madrid for this seminar and it was designed to provide key skills for participants in order to implement collaborative business projects as part of a new "economy of local resistance" and also to show and inspire local initiatives, transition movements, informal economy and sustainable development. Check the program in the attached file. 

"PHOTO-VOICE in Euromed" Social inclusion and intercultural dialogue through the image and voice 

This European training seminar aims to develop skills for youth workers, social workers and multipliers of the Euromed countries in order to support the social inclusion of young people in intercultural contexts through the use of the photo tool - voice.

The workshop has the following objectives and activities:
- Promoting intercultural dialogue through the recovery of memory and traditions and meeting the local for a better understanding of the global.
- Empower participants in order to explore and develop photo - voice as a tool for everyone and in the way that can be used by them personally as actors of social change, and facilitators, using it to the groups that are in the center of the transformation process.
- Encourage participants to cooperate in Mediterranean areas, share good practices and tools, creating a network to work on social cohesion and intercultural awareness in the same area.