What it means to be a social entrepeneur

According to Ashoka founder Bill Drayton “social entrepreneurs are not content just to give a fish or teach how to fish. They will not rest until they have revolutionized the fishing industry.”

But what is “Social Entrepreneurship”?


"I feel like my pic shows, grateful"

Lukas is 17 years old guy from Germany. Lukas is here in Spain, in Valencia, to participate in his first volunteering. You can decide the length of your Program and how combine it. Lukas decided to combine his volunteering with 12 weeks of Spanish classes. He loves Spanish language and he thought it was better to start his Program with a good level of Spanish. He is now enjoying his time with other international volunteers, between doing exercises and discovering Valencia and his surroundings.

"I have had the most wonderful experience transitioning to life in Madrid"

Marialexa is a young American girl that, after her University studies, decided to search for an Internship Program in Spain. She studied journalism and she absolutely likes the area related to the Human and Women rights. Why did she choose Spain? Easy, she wanted to improve her Spanish and to approach to a company reality to develop a new vision of the professional activity in a different context.

She is now an Intern in a company that transforms data in clear information.

Experience to transform

I was born and raised in a traditional society where the best way to learn something was to go to school, get a degree in a known university and success (in my area) was measured by the amount of money you made and the size of the company you worked. I feel very grateful for the learnings and experience I got, but despite “being successful”, I always felt something was missing.

Don’t miss the last news of our partners from around the world

Do you remember AIPC Pandora is the member in Spain of Federation EIL?, it is hard to forget as for AIPC Pandora joining the Federation in 2005 has been decisive for our development.

"About how to make a grupal program into an International transforming experience"

At the end of last year, Fernanda, a colleague from Experimento Brasil gave me a challenge. She said, “hey Ana, I have a group of 130 students plus 15 teachers and I want to make a classic language and culture program that is experiential…can you do it? We accepted the challenge and last week we said bye to the group after an intense month of experiential massive activity. 

"It is now, when I realize all the positive things I can do with enthusiasm and motivation"

The main objetive of this program is not traveling, neither the knowledge we do have for being part of it, it is about the willingness to change the world, starting by ourselves, which is indeed a hard and long term achievement. Awareness about the world and its problems was part of our education, but we really need to experience them, to go hands on and see it with our own eyes to realize how the world really is and all the work that needs to be done.

"Thank you to Lamu island for welcoming us foreigners (or musungus as you call us in Swajili)"

If there´s a place that connects the past and the present, it´s the Swajili coast in the island of Lamu, Kenya. Lamu is a place free of traffic and noise contamination and the only source of transportation are boats and donkeys. 12 of our participants travelled to this island to work 21 days in the areas of education, art and recycling.  

"They have specially learned that behind every little detail or experience there can be so much learning"

In the mountain range of the Himalayas there is a small kingdom where happiness is measured and lived, a place where its inhabitants preserve the purity of traditions, culture and love of nature.This country is called Bhutan.

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