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Do you remember AIPC Pandora is the member in Spain of Federation EIL?, it is hard to forget as for AIPC Pandora joining the Federation in 2005 has been decisive for our development.

"About how to make a grupal program into an International transforming experience"

At the end of last year, Fernanda, a colleague from Experimento Brasil gave me a challenge. She said, “hey Ana, I have a group of 130 students plus 15 teachers and I want to make a classic language and culture program that is experiential…can you do it? We accepted the challenge and last week we said bye to the group after an intense month of experiential massive activity. 

"It is now, when I realize all the positive things I can do with enthusiasm and motivation"

The main objetive of this program is not traveling, neither the knowledge we do have for being part of it, it is about the willingness to change the world, starting by ourselves, which is indeed a hard and long term achievement. Awareness about the world and its problems was part of our education, but we really need to experience them, to go hands on and see it with our own eyes to realize how the world really is and all the work that needs to be done.

"Thank you to Lamu island for welcoming us foreigners (or musungus as you call us in Swajili)"

If there´s a place that connects the past and the present, it´s the Swajili coast in the island of Lamu, Kenya. Lamu is a place free of traffic and noise contamination and the only source of transportation are boats and donkeys. 12 of our participants travelled to this island to work 21 days in the areas of education, art and recycling.  

"They have specially learned that behind every little detail or experience there can be so much learning"

In the mountain range of the Himalayas there is a small kingdom where happiness is measured and lived, a place where its inhabitants preserve the purity of traditions, culture and love of nature.This country is called Bhutan.


Does experience-international education really creates global citizens? Is it true that these type pf experiences develop cross-cultural competences and a way to look and act in the world that assures these people  be capable of bringing fundamental improvements and changes?

"You realize that it is not necessary to have luxury and expensive things to be happy, but so happiness is in little things"

I have never thought I would come to Romania to do a volunteering project and neither thought about helping Roma communities, but I am here. I have always wanted to help others, to contribute to a social cause abroad and be useful for these communities in need. 

Inbound Programs: French students in Valencia to develop professional experiences in an international environment

As part of our International Mobility Receiving programmes, the Inbound Programmes, we welcomed earlier this week in Valencia a group of students from the BTS Assistant manager, a technical course of high level in France, through our partner CEI London - CEI Dublin, who have an Internship programme in Valencia in the tourism industry, mainly with

Our Urbanism Programme with the students from the Avenues International School in NYC has begun

The group arrived on Sunday, aged between 11 and 14 and with an overwhelming desire to learn about Madrid, its urbanism and differences from NYC. Avenues is a bilingual school in NYC with Spanish and Chinese using experimental methodologies which give importance to all matters having to do with current urban and sustainable living.

The group from the Yokohama International School is here

For the seventh consecutive year the group of students from the Yokohama International School have safely arrived in Spain. Like every year, they are staying in Galapagar, at the Infanta Elena and Cañada Real Centres, where they will conduct an educational integration with the young people at the centre. And this year with the addition that the Spanish students were in Japan in September, so they have arrived very excited to reconnect and be able to spend time together again.

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